Welcome to the Pawsrent Store! The Pawsrent Store is where you can buy and sell things on MLN! You can buy things on my page on MLN, and you can advertise your deals too!

Current Pawsrent Deal(s)

Page: http://mln.lego.com/en-us/PublicView/Pawsrent.aspx
Pawsrent: 1 Stolen Data Crystal; You: 90 Space Fuel Cells
Why it’s a good deal: The Stolen Data Crystal costs 100 Space Fuel Cells on Bob Skull’s page.

Current Visitor Deal(s)


One Response to “Pawsrent’s MLN Store”

  1. Pawsrent Says:

    Once I saw one guy selling an Apple for 500 Stone Golems. Since when does a Stone Golem cost 1/500 of a Red LEGO Brick?!

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