January 2010

 Sorry, I`ve been gone recently, so wasn`t here to post info. You can expect that every other week, BTW. Anyway, here it is!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

More on Membership

We will be adding membership to Poptropica really soon! Membership will let you use ALL Costumes and Gold Cards in the Poptropica Store for the duration of your membership. And yes, members also get exclusive EARLY ISLAND ACCESS to play our newest islands weeks before the rest of the world!! This is key, since we are planning on releasing some pretty sweet islands this year!Remember, even if you don’t have credits or membership, the Poptropica Islands are always 100% FREE for all to play! (Yayz! xD)


The one and only Shark Boy at 11:56 AM (My computer`s stuck on Italic. Stupid computer! *kicks computer* *grabs foot* Oh, now your going down! *wrestles* Jumps back up with hair messed up. I think it`s gonna listen from now on…
Friday, January 29, 2010


Still stuck on this island, I found some people playing a game with small sliding pucks. I don’t think the mime is going to win this one. (Ya think?)

The one and only Hazmat Hermit at 1:02 PM (Wow, Hazmat Hermit again? Once again, wow!)
*sniff* Now the news that will break your hearts… My kitty died! Just kidding. Now here it is. *sniff*
All it takes is one picture to break your hearts…
The Fish is out! And watchin’ the Grammy awards, go Taylor Swift! xD



Zippyfish4- I did it… The video is now up! 😉

Monday, January 25, 2010

Poptropica Membership!


Stay Tuned For More Details ! <— Click here!

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Cool! Poptropica Membership! It will probably be better than Club Penguins membership where you miss out on 90% of the fun if you aren’t a member. (Sorry we couldn’t put the video up.)

New post on the PCB!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Are you ready for some football!?

It’s almost time for the big game! You can represent your team with a brand new American Football Player costume!

We’re also giving away a free Avatar Studio card! If you want to add it to your inventory, make sure you save your game!

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It seems that even the creators are getting into the Superbowl. Also, it’s pretty sad that the creators have to advertise the Avatar Studio by using an item card.
Superbowl XLIV
Superbowl XLIV will have the New Orleans Saints against the Indianapolis Colts. It’s to bad the Vikings didn’t get there. I’m rooting for the Colts now. Also, please vote on the poll below!

The winner of the Poptropica contest is: Noisy Fish! Congratulations!

The Grand Prize winner of the MLN contest is: Spottedowl100! Now, Spottedowl, would you like to be friends with  me on MLN? (Remember, not a requirement.) Update: Spottedowl, I can’t find you on MLN! If you do not tell us your username by the end of the month, the other contestant will get the prize. (Sorry if I’m being mean.)

Zippy- Remember: You`re all winners!!! Even if ya don`t get a prize…! =D

Are you wondering were the all of the movie reviews went? Well, look no further! There is a new blog, run by Pawsrent, called http://moviedar.wordpress.com/. There you can find the movie reviews, information on upcoming movies, and movie extras!

New post on the PCB!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meet the Minotaur!

Wonder what they charge for admission?

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Cool! A Minotaur! I wonder what it will look like! I wonder if we can Customize it. It would be awesome to Customize it!
There is a new LU Game! Go and play it at http://universe.lego.com/en-us/helptheminifigs/Default.aspx! You must send minifigs to LEGO Universe, or else the portal to LU won’t open!

We have new top-secret information about the Japanese release date of Pokemon Ranger: Tracks of Light. Due to information about when an event in the game will be released to the public, the date of release is revealed a little bit. We now know that it will be released March 6th, 2010.

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