March 2010

I was watching one of the Reality TV programs, and there was a girl with Hades’s staff! Then, later, I saw another girl with Zues’s Lightning Bolt! She must be the Lightning Thief! (Which is a pretty good book, by the way.) I’ll be investigating these mysteries later.

UPDATE! I saw a girl with an ax.

UPDATE! I saw a boy with a microphone.

UPDATE! I saw a boy with a bronze spear.

UPDATE! I saw a boy with a tiny bronze staff.

UPDATE! There are to many of these items to count. Go to RTV to see the items.

Members, you’ll probably see these items in person later.


Hello, everyone! It’s me, Pawsrent! I’m here to announce a new page! Go to to view it!

Hey everyone! In case you haven’t noticed, we have reached 2,500 hits! And we need you to tell us what to do! Here are a few suggestions. Should we:

a. Reveal more information on my new region.
b. Host a Poptropica Contest.
c. Host a LEGO Contest.
d. Two or three of the options.

When you choose an answer, comment this post. If answer “D” is selected, coment the options.

Update: Omg, omg! More than 2,500 hits! Woo-hoo! Wait, what do we do? Idk, someone please tell me! xD

My class, my class. Ahh, how I, uhh, enjoy being in it? Let`s just say, we are non-stop talkers. Are teachers complain about us and we get in trouble a lot. I had to walk my whole recess, because of them! I was thinking to myself the time, “Whatever I have to do, whether I was the one who did it or not, I`m sticking with my class.” Well, I just figured out, you should know I`m country, that ain`t gonna work! Baah, let`s just say, “I love and hate, at the same time, being in my class.” Well, onto the Poptropica news!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening…

Since Mythology Island is coming soon, we thought it would be fun to offer a cool new item in our store…
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Also, update on the Poptropica Homepage!
Mythology Island coming soon?! Check it out:  Also, check this out:
In case you can`t upload the site, read this:
Mythology Island
Mighty Zeus, king of the gods, needs a hero- and he wants you! To satisfy Zeus, you`ll need to battle monsters, swim the depths of the ocean, and descend into the mysterious underworld. Will you emerge a hero like Hercules, or face the fiery wrath of Zeus and his thunderbolts?
Sounds scary… Fine, go ahead and say, “Zippy, you chicken!” I know, I know. Well, got to go!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Man! I need to get myself to a gym!

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Title: [strainingHades03.jpg]
Looks like: Hades is attempting to pull a switch inside a wobbling building, and on top of a statue of a bull.

Happy Pi Day! The day that we celebrate the number Pi. No, we don’t mean pie, we mean Pi. Today at 1:59, we celebrate Pi Minute! Go out, and buy a pie! Mmmm… Pi…

New PCB post! If you read my blog, Pokemon of the Week, you`d be thinking, “I wonder if she got away from that Mom?” Well, no. They took mah big stick! 😮  😥 Well, I still got to tase her.. He he, it was fun… Okay, so Poptropica has a new costume that`s is… *drumroll* Albert Einstein!

Audience: “BOO!”

Me: “Hey, don`t boo me yet! I haven`t gotten to the good news!”

*Audience quietens down*

Me: “Thank you, now for the BIG news! The Micro- Quest has come out! Just-”

Audience: “Yayz!”

Me: “Wait, wait you didn`t let me tell you the bad news! It`s a total rip-off! Oh no…”

*Audience throws food*

Me: “Ahhh! Okay let`s get on to the post! Hey, that nearly hit me! What`s wrong with you people?!”

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Einstein!

Albert Einstein was born March 14, 1879. To celebrate his birthday, there is an outfit that comes with a free chapter from a book about him called, “Who Was Albert Einstein?” Now you can look just as smart as Einstein, as you think deep thoughts, and read about his life.

To formulate a powerful equation, hit the space bar.

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One thing I forgot to tell you about the Micro-Quest… Dr. Hare isn`t even in it! It`s just like the Race to Witch Mountain Quest, anyway. Whe I won it, I was like, “Whaaaaat?! I didn`t even get to see Dr. Hare!” Baah, I glad I bought Membership, so it didn`t really cost me anything. Yay!
Well, got to go. Stay green, eat your vegetables, and hug a tree!

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