This is the entire team of Pawsrent’s blog! If you would like to be a member of the blog, I’ll have to deem you to be a expert at at least two fields I like. (like Pokemon, Poptropica, or Lego. Try those!)

T-I Mean :oops:, Pawsrent is an 11-year old boy in 6th-grade who lives in a small old-fashioned town in the state of Minnesota.(That means no movie theatre!) On Poptropica he is known as Tough Leaf, on Lego; Pawsrent, and on all things Pokemon; Pawsrent! He is the founder of this blog, and likes to refer to himself in third person! This user is a christian! This persons favorite Glitch Pokémon is “.4”! This person use to go under the names Cheerful Tooth, T1m0te0, T1m0t30, and most humiliating, Green Socks :oops:. Do not try to find me on Wikipedia. I have not set up my user page yet. He is the only male member of this blog.

Badges: File:SPArank1.png 

I scored Glaciator on the Which Rock Monster Are You? test.

To view an interview with this person, go to

I,zippyfish4, am an 11 year-old girl in 5th grade who lives in the small town of Hardin County,Tennessee. On Poptropica I am known as Zippy Fish or Shaky Bird.(Not normally.) I am the editor of this blog and,unlike Pawsrent,like to refer to myself in first person! I am a Christian and proud of it! My favorite Pokemon has to be either Lucario or Infernape! I like to be known as zippyfish4,but sometimes I go under enk7014,zippyfish, Zippy Fish 4,or as Pawsrent once called me…Zippyfsh! 😳 I do not have an account on Wikipedia, so I would not try to find me. 😉

On the What Pokemon Are You? Quiz I scored Lucario,but that was before I even KNEW what a Lucario was! 😆


13 Responses to “About”

  1. zippyfish4 Says:

    No fair!I`m only in the 5th grade!

    1. Pawsrent Says:

      Yeah, well I could have been in 7th-grade right now, but the teachers said it would be too stressful.

      1. zippyfish4 Says:

        I could be in 6th,but since I was born after August I had to go to preschool 2 years. My mom told me to drop it,because I complain a lot.

  2. Happy Storm Says:

    Hello Pawsrent,

    So I heard you needed graphics. I would like to apply. I may not be a Blooberry95, an Incredible Singer, or a Metsfan21 but I can do some cool graphics. Just give me some info like the basis you want ur header. 😉

    Best Regards,
    Happy Storm

    1. Pawsrent Says:

      Hello, Happy Storm. If you would like us to hire you, I can do it on Monday.

      1. Happy Storm Says:

        Yes, I would like you to hire me! Oh, and my about:

        Happy Storm: An 11 year old girl in 6th grade who loves Poptropica and Pokemon, goes on the PHF, PHB, and owns her own blog at Her Poptropica name is Happy Storm.
        Favorite Pokemon: Mew
        Why: It’s so cuute!!!

  3. Graham Says:

    I’m a Christian, too!

  4. Pawsrent Says:

    Oh, Happy Storm, you should check the pages part of this blogs dashboard. You should see three pages below “About” that aren’t open to the public. 😉

  5. Happy Storm Says:

    Hey Pawsrent!
    I was just wondering what your Poptropican user was. I want to enter it into the Avatar Studio. I need your avatar for the header. Thanks!

    Your worker,
    Happy Storm
    Counterfeit Island

    P.S. The header is NEARLY done. 😉

    1. Pawsrent Says:

      Well, I have a TON of them. But, if you want my main ones, they are:

      Is that good? Is having 14 accounts good? I don’t really know.

      1. Happy Storm Says:

        Hey Paws,
        O_O…WOW…That’s a consistent username…. xD Thanks, BTW.

        -Happy Storm
        PFB Administrator

  6. Happy Storm Says:

    Congrats, guys! You’ve reached your hit goal! 🙂

  7. Happy Storm Says:

    Hey Pawsrent,
    I can’t put up the header unless I’m administrator. If you make me admin, I’ll do it for you. If not, I’ll reply to this comment and give you specific directions. 😀

    See ya,
    Happy Storm

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