These are all the blogs I love enough to add here.

Poptropica is possibly the best Poptropica blog that has been made. Their staff is as follows. Hijuyo, Smockers, Codien, Sparkle Star/Green Seal, Neat Whale, Coskit,and coderkid. is the official Poptropica blog. Staff Members: Dr. Hare, Shark Boy, Vlad the Viking, Comic Kid, Thirsty Whale (likely inactive), Director D, Binary Bard, Hazmat Hermit, and Master Mime. is a blog about Poptropica. Staff: Fierce Sky and Shiny Cheetah. is a blog about Poptropica! Staff Members: Happy Storm,Sea Berry,Metsfan21,& Blue Robot. is a blog about Poptropica! Staff Members: Metsfan21, Abram,Hyper Star,& Happy Storm. is a blog about Poptropica!
Staff Members: MagicShadow,ComicalHawk, and Coskit

Pokémon is a blog that is about Pokémon! Staff Members: zippyfish4, j5nine, & Graham.

LEGO is a blog about LEGO! Staff Members: Sim533 and Vanderdecken12.

Divisions is a blog were you can find the latest information on movies! Staff: Pawsrent.

Other is this very blog! The current staff members are: Pawsrent,zippyfish4,Happy Storm. is a blog about Poptropica and Pokémon! The staff are: Sensei, Graham, zippyfish4 and Pawsrent.


14 Responses to “Blogs”

  1. zippyfish4 Says:

    Hey,thanx for putting my blog on here! 🙂 Did you know we`re the same age?

    Pawsrent says: Wow!

  2. zippyfish4 Says:

    If you don`t mind answering…What month,date,& year were you born in?

    Pawsrent Says: 6/26/98, or June twenty-sixth, 1998.

    1. zippyfish4 Says:

      9/10/98, or September 10,1998 is when I was born.P.S. I live in Tennessee.

  3. Happy Storm Says:

    Hi Paws!

    Can you add my blog to it too? It’s a Poptropica Blog called Poptropica Fun Blog or the PFB for short.
    Staff: Happy Storm, Dizzy Penguin, njg28, Metsfan21, Sea Berry, Big Joker, and Blue Robot.


    Zippyfish4- What about me? #1 Rule: ALWAYS REMEMBER ZIPPY!!! I wish… If you want to be a staff member you`ve got to remember zippyfish4! Just kidding!
    I wish it worked that way…

    P.S. I’m getting used to righting long and more professional comments. xD

    1. Happy Storm Says:

      LOL, BTW update:
      Remove Big Joker

      1. Happy Storm Says:

        And also remove njg28 and Dizzy Penguin. BTW, Paws, Do you have an email I can email to email you the header? I’m done but have been very busy, but I finished it! So yeah, email address, please?

      2. Pawsrent Says:

        When I post this comment, go to the dashboard, click on the “edit” button for the comment, look at the “email” area, and then you’ll know my email. Yeah, I won’t reveal it.

      3. Happy Storm Says:

        ‘Kay, sure! That works! You’ll have your header by tomorrow night at least. Have a great day!

        -Happy Storm
        PFB Admin.

      4. Happy Storm Says:

        Sorry but I’m not an admin. on here so I can’t see your email. I need you to comment on my blog at so I can see it. i’m an admin there because it’s MY blog. xD

      5. Happy Storm Says:

        Paws, my post is drafted right now. Can you approve it? It has your header on it. 😉 Hope you like it. And an update for Poptropica and a leaving part 2. 😦 Hope my headers OK for you.

  4. The Decoder Mime Says:

    Here is a blog:

    The Poptropica World Wide Web
    Staff: MagicShadow,Comical Hawk,Coskit

    1. zippyfish4 Says:

      Awesome! I`ll put it up now! 😉

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