This page is all about Pokemon! Do you have a question about Pokemon? Just ask me! Odds are I’ll know the answer (and if I don’t, I’ll find a way to figure it out.)

Visit if you need to be rescued in the original mystery dungeons.

Go to for Pokemon glitches.

White Rock Theory

My Pokémon.

A collection of my Pokémon.


Crystal Onix

Type: Water/Rock

Pokédex Data: An Onix that has lived in the water for it’s whole life. It’s genetic structure has thus changed.



Purple Kecleon

Type: Normal

Pokédex Data: A Kecleon that became so overjoyed that it mutated.



Golden Ho-oh

Type: Light/Flying


Pink Rhyhorn

Type: Ground/Rock



Pink Nidoking

Type: Poison/Ground


Pokémon Rumble Codes

Name: Venusaur
Move 1: SolarBeam
Move 2: N/A
Code: 1589-3955

Name: Charizard
Move 1: Flamethrower
Move 2: N/A

Name: Blastoise
Move 1: Aqua Tail
Move 2: N/A
Code: 9580-1423

Name: Rattata
Move 1: Reversal
Move 2: Double-Edge
Forme: Shiny
Code: 9849-3731

Name: Eevee
Move 1: Quick Attack
Move 2: N/A
Code: 0511-0403

Name: Mew
Move 1: Cut
Move 2: N/A
Code: 9561-8808

Name: Turtwig
Move 1: Razor Leaf
Move 2: Absorb
Code: 8672-1076

Name: Cherrim
Move 1: SolarBeam
Move 2: N/A
Forme: Positive Forme
Code: 7540-5667

More codes coming soon…



4 Responses to “Pokémon”

  1. Pawsrent Says:

    Hey! I just caught the Regigigas in Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia! That means I’ve caught every Pokémon in the game! (Excluding event ones.)

  2. Sensei Says:

    What move does Shaymin learn Lv. 100?
    P.S. I know it, do you?

    Shaymin learns the move Seed Flare at level 100.

  3. Pawsrent Says:

    I need help! I found this code for Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky online, and now I don’t know how to get to the treasure! The location is Beach Cave.

    Job Summary
    Let’s hide the treasure we can’t carry in the cave near the beach.

    Objective: Find Treasure
    Place: ???? B4F
    Restrictions: None
    Difficulty: E (10)

    Wonder Mail S:
    QC7@W N0Q+%-M R6T@H
    32P23 NY2RK29 87PQ+

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