These are ideas for islands that the team made up. (Please note that these islands are likely to never happen.)

Crystal Island
How to unlock: Complete Astro-Knights and Nabooti Islands
~by Pawsrent

You arrive in a mining base. One man is crying. You ask him why, and he says that a thief has stolen all of the crystals in the mine. You go to the mine, and ask one miner if he saw anything. He tells you the thief traveled to some rival mines in Nabooti Island, and thinks that he hid some diamonds in the mines there. You travel to the mines of Nabooti, and go to the diamond slab there. You see a silhouetted man there, mumbling something about Astro-Knights Island to himself. He sees you, and runs away. You follow him to Astro-Knights, and travel to the crystal gate, and you see a ship traveling to the crystal-like planet in the background of space, except when you travel to it, it won’t be in the background anymore…

How to unlock: Complete all other islands
~by Pawsrent

All of the villains of all of the islands escape from their holds, and travel to this mysterious island. They say “We must get back at <insert player’s name here>!” They all agree, and set up a trap to lure you to the island…

Job Island
How to unlock: Nothing
~by Pawsrent

You don’t have to solve any problem here. It’s just getting extra credits to but things with. You can only do one job a day, and you only get 1 credit for an easy job, 2 credits for a medium job, and 3 for a hard job.

Clue Island
How to unlock: Find the invitation on a certain island
~by Pawsrent

You will be invited to a party at Mr. Boddy’s mansion. You will meet the guests, Colonel Mustard, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peackock, Mrs. White, Miss Scaret, and Professor Plum. After meeting them, the lights will go off. “It must be a power surge,” says Mr. Boddy,” I’ll go check the fuse box.” You hear footsteps leaving the room, and when the power comes back on, Mr. Boddy doesn’t come back. The butler says, “Mr. Boddy is missing! Someone must have kidnapped him!” So, it’s up to you to gather the clues and eventually find the kidnapper…


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