Here is where the team will tell you about cheats and glitches. And, well, the BAD Bistro is practicaly the home of the glitch.

Get Out of BAD Bistro Easy

For this glitch, we’ll tell you how to easily get out of BAD Bistro Once you have the glass. All you need to do is logout and log back in.

Hold Different Items

For these glitches, you get to hold items. To hold the torch, go to the cave in the vikings area of Time Tangled, put on your glider or aztec mask, take it off, and leave. To hold the glowstick, go to the dark room in Early Poptropica, put on the jetpack, take it off, and leave. To hold the wine glass, go to the BAD Bistro, get the job as a chef, take the glass, take off the chef hat, and leave.

Wear Spy Gear in the BAD Bistro

For this glitch, you need the Costume Collector. Then, save your character on it while wearing spy gear. Go to the BAD Bistro, and then customize your spy gear character. Congratulations! You’re wearing spy gear in the BAD Bistro!


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