The White Rock Theory

   In the region of Sinnoh, at Route 224, Professor Oak and a young trainer stand.
   “There is,” says Professor Oak, “A white rock just like this in-”
   “Professor,” says the trainer, “Why did you stop? Where is another white rock?”
   “I-I don’t know. I just suddenly forgot. It’s either in Kanto or Hoenn. It’s probably in Kanto. So, there’s another white rock in Kanto.”

   In the Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Oak says that there is another white rock in Kanto. But, I say that the programmers made a mistake when they programmed what Professor Oak said at that event. I say that they actually meant the region of Hoenn.
   My reason: Nobody has found a white rock anywhere in Kanto. Hackers have been searching and filtering through the program for a long time, and haven’t found a trace of a white rock.
   But, in Hoenn, or more specifically, Mossdeep City, there is a white rock. In fact, it’s the only land rock in the city. However, this theory has yet to be proven, as the remakes of Ruby and Sapphire have yet to be released.


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