Have you wanted to migrate a Pokemon from Pokemon Emerald to any of the fouerth generation games, but still wanted to keep the Pokemon in Emerald? Well, here’s a glitch that you can exploit to receive an army of Pokemon!

1. Go to the Battle Frontier Battle Tower.

2. Go to the PC, and deposit the Pokemon you wish to clone in an empty box.

3. Save the game, turn it off, turn it back on, and take out the Pokemon.

4. Go to the lady at the far right (->), closest to the PC, and talk to her.

5. Accept the challenge, and do Lv. 50.

6. Choose two Pokemon that can battle, that isn’t the one you want to clone.

7. When the lady asks if you want to save the game, say yes. There will be a two to three second pause. Do not turn off the game at this point. When the pause is over, turn off the game.

8. Turn it back on, and the victim will be in your party and in your PC.

9. Save your game. Congratulations! You have just exploited the game!

If you want to, you can give the Pokemon an item like the Master Ball, and it will be cloned with the Pokemon.


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