Hello, everyone! My name is Pawsrent! And I’m here to have an interview with the famous Pawsrent!

Pawsrent: Hello, Pawsrent.
Pawsrent: Hello.

Pawsrent: Now, I have to ask, what is your real name.
Pawsrent: I’m not at the liberty to tell you.

Pawsrent: Come on, and least give me a hint.
Pawsrent: I already have. 😉

Pawsrent: Do you really look like a cat?
Pawsrent: …

Pawsrent: What is that thing that that cat is holding in the picture?
Pawsrent: It’s called a platypus. Well, a stuffed animal.

Pawsrent: Who are you?
Pawsrent: An 11 year old boy who lives in Minnesota. Didn’t I already tell you that?

Pawsrent: I mean’t are you really who you say you are.
Pawsrent: Yes, I am.

Pawsrent: What town do you live in?
Pawsrent: If I told you, you might be able to track me down.

Pawsrent: Are you really a human?
Pawsrent: I thought we already discussed this.
Pawsrent: No, you didn’t answer me that one time.
Pawsrent: Yes, I did. This is what I said: …
Pawsrent: Don’t insult me. Well, anyway, on to the next question.

Pawsrent: What’s your favorite comic strip?
Pawsrent: “Pearls Before Swine”
Pawsrent: What’s it about?
Pawsrent: I’m glad you asked. It’s about a pig named Pig, and a rat named Rat. It’s kind of a dark strip.
Pawsrent: Who writes it?
Pawsrent: Stephan Pastis.

Pawsrent: Are you of average intelligence?
Pawsrent: …
Pawsrent: So, are you?
Pawsrent: I’m a little more advanced.

Pawsrent: What are you?
Pawsrent: I’m a space alien from the planet that you humans call “Upsilon Andromedae”. Geez, did you think I was a cat?


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  1. […] Hello, everyone! It’s me, Pawsrent! I’m here to announce a new page! Go to https://pawsrent.wordpress.com/about/pawsrent-interview/ to view it! […]

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