“Where am I?” though Hazmat Hermit. “What is the theme of this place?”
   Hazmat Hermit had just woken up from a deep sleep, and when he thought of it, he had seen the gleam of a glowing red eye (that looked like it had been green a while ago,) and the shine of a metal face.
   “I thought,” Hazmat said to himself, “that he was on our side.”
   Then he looked at the calender. He had been asleep since April 19! During that time, Mythology Island had been released to the public, and so had Skullduggery!
   Then he noticed his surroundings. He was on the strange island that Vlad had “created” a long time ago. Except he saw plants. Plants that weren’t even an idea when he was awake those many months ago.
   He went up to one of the plants. It had two mouths, And he decided to name it something. But then Thirsty Whale jumped from behind a bush and shouted “Cheese!”

The ‘Root’ Of All Evil

It’s actually kind of cute. I think I’ll call him Mr. Snuggles. 

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   Hey everybody! I’m back from school! And also vacation!
   Please note that the idea that “Structure” Island and “Plant” Island are the same island is just that, an idea.
   And the idea that Binary Bard made Hazmat Hermit go to sleep for months is just plain fiction.
   And the idea that Thirsty Whale is a creepy stalker that jumps out of bushes and takes pictures of the Creators doing weird things is just creepy.