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Hey there, viewers!

I came here to tell you about the newly released, RTV island and some bad news. Some say that RTV wasn’t that great especially considering the fact that they worked on it for ’bout TWO years. Well, at least I didn’t pay for it. >:D (No, I didn’t hack it…) Here they tell you about the island, RTV.

Post Description: The new Reality TV island is now available early with Poptropica membership! If you don’t have membership, Reality TV will still be out and FREE for everyone on March 24th!

Image Name:RealityNOW

Post Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Posted by: Hazmat Hermit

People are starting a whole protest and all but meh, eh, whatever. Waste of time yo. Also, don’t forget to look at our “Hiring” post if you are interested at the PFB!

I hope RTV is good. I saw Main Street with the full screen cheat but nothing else.  If your a member tell us about RTV with a signal at the top like this, [-SPOILER ALERT-], so those who don’t wanna know about it and don’t want to spoil their surprise. If you are a non-member then tell us what you THINK RTV will be like.

On the other hand, I told you there was bad news. I am quitting. I have a header and I can still do graphics but I don’t wanna be known as the blogger that is hired for the glory of being hired. D:<  Not my type. Here is the graphix:


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-Happy Storm

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