Sorry but I’m so excited I just won the PHB Contest they recently had! Here is part of their post:

#4  – The Contest Winners!

Here are the lucky winners of my Colossal Contest!

  • Pawsrent
  • DaVinci
  • PostopicaLucy
  • MoonLight91
  • MuddyDragon
  • FriendlyBeetle
  • BraveHero270
  • CoolWing
  • SqueezySinker
  • MasterMime212

Congrats to the winners! I’m sorry if you didn’t win. But you never know…you may get a second chance.
Accounts should be created and emailed within the week!

Yoo-hoo! I won! This could be the blog’s account! However, the name everyone will see will be Pawsrent…