Because of hazardous roads filled with snow, I have no school. Why aren`t I celebrating? Cause we only have two entries in our contest! And that`s me and Pawsrent!

What are you people scared you`ll lose?! Pawsrent & I can`t win! Anyway, everyone`s a winner! You just might not get a prize…

What do you think? Are you gonna enter, or sit there and do nothin’?

If you do that you defiantly won`t have a chance…

Anyway, Pawsrent & I are trying to find something Pokemon to celebrate with… No luck, so far.

If you have an idea, comment it here! At the one and only… Pawsrent`s Blog!!! 😉

Update: Sorry if you found this post offending or mean, I`m just frustrated.Check out the awesome contests below! 😉