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Everyone party!!! Wait not yet… What? I have to wait a little more?

Message to The People: View this blog as much can if you want a present and a party!!! View it like MAD people!!!

Pawsrent! I have a question!!! 😉

Update: -168 more!!! Pawsrent & I are working hard with a new contest &  something with Pokemon, LEGO, and Poptropica! Please start commenting your Poptropican`s name, like mine is Zippy Fish. Please, it will help us in the long-run.

Update by Pawsrent: The Poptropica party will be whenever you get the news at zippyfish4`s Multiverse! The code is cng51.  If you can’t be there then, please tell us, and we’ll host another party later. LEGO party: I will give clicks to everyone who posts their name!

I tried to find a kitty that was celebrating, but this was the best I could do…