I, Pawsrent will host an MLN contest.

Grand Prize: 50 Clicks on your page and being friends with Pawsrent! (Being friends with Pawsrent is optional.)

First Place: 25 Clicks on your page

Second Place: 15 Clicks on your page

Third Place: 10 Clicks on your page

Last Places: 1 Click

How to Enter: Post your name on MLN, and you will be entered in our contest. We will later post who the winners are, and everyone is a winner!

All entries must be recieved by January 19, 2010. We will announce the winners on the 20th.

Remember, everyone’s a winner! Also, please read the other contest below.

Update: Pawsrent, can we have the party at my Multiverse? Sorry, my Multiverse is down, too.