Update: Pawsrent`s Multiverse is down right now, so the party will be at mine! The code is cng51. Please come! Sorry, it`s down.

Our contest is now being launched! 

Our Contest: Best Costume!

This contest is in honor of Pawsrent, the best blogger I know! Thank you,Pawsrent, for starting this awesome blog!

  • Rules:
  • Only one Poptropican per person, if you enter 2 deliberately, you are disqualified!
  • Please tell your gender & e-mail. Gender: So when we create the character it will be the same as you. E-mail: So we can send you the username & password.

  Please participate! I will, and I`m sure Pawsrent will,too!   

 Prize: A Poptropica account with 1,000 credits!

Provided by: ME!!!With my own  Christmas money! 😉

It proves how much I care about this blog!

Sponsored by: The Celebration Kitty! YAY!!

End Date: January 20, 2010

Please enter for this awesome prize!

  I found a Celebration kitty!