Oh my gosh! The PCB just made a new post! It’s about Counterfeit Islands early access! We don’t know how to do it yet, but they say you’ll get 200 Credits for completing it during early access! We don’t know how to get there, but they say more details will come later! Hey, there’s also a glitch on the PCB post. Even though it was posted by Director D, it says “The one and only Shark Boy”. Anyway, here’s the post:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Early Access = Bonus Credits!

Counterfeit Island is almost here! We are offering 200 FREE CREDITS for all the Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period. More details to follow!

Until then, please enjoy the world premiere of the new
Counterfeit Island video!

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Also, I got an early holiday present! The LEGO Green Grocer! I know it’s ages 16+ and I’m only 11, but my parents know what they are doing.