As Comic Kid was exploring the new island, he found a ship called the “Ribica“. Then he noticed something odd happening in the ocean. Letters were starting to appear! “Finally! I get to learn the name of this odd island!” Exclaimed Comic kid, “It’s-It’s-Counterfeit Island?!”

That’s right! You heard it here first! (Or second, or third, or fourth, etc.) The name of a future island is Counterfeit Isalnd! What odd mystery will take place on this new and exciting island?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Did someone say, “Counterfeit Island?”

After my quick break at the local cafe, I explored more of this new island to discover the people here calling it “Counterfeit Island.” What an intriguing name, I wonder why they call it that? I guess I’ll just have to explore some more to find out.

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