After several grueling months riding on a blimp over the Poptropican Ocean, Comic Kid spots an island in the distance. “Finally! Land!” says Comic Kid. But there was something odd about the island. Then it hit him. It’s name wasn’t listed on it. So he pulled out his customized map that would show him where he was. He looked everywhere on it, but couldn’t find the blimp on it! So he decided to land on it. For some reason, he couldn’t recognize it, but he knew of all the islands! So he went to the Jazz Cafe, local multiplayer room. He didn’t see anyone, but there were instruments on the stage and some piping hot hot chocolate on the table. So he decided to sit down and drink the cocoa.

   Finally! The Poptropica Creators have given their first Poptropica Island sneak peek since June 22, 2009! Here’s the post:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?

Well, I’m finally back after a long trip of searching out new islands in Poptropica. I even had time to grab some hot chocolate along the way.

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Sorry I couldn’t put up the image, but I might put one up in the future. Problem solved!

Lego Atlantis

If you have not checked alredy, Lego has put Atlantis on it’s site!

Also, let’s not forget the men who risked their lives in war. Tomorrow is Veterans Day.